Ice Cave Tour
For Photographers
  1. BulletTime of year early or mid November to mid or late March (not on Sundays)

  2. BulletDeparture time at 12:30 in 2012-13 (some days 9:30, and some extra departures 14:30)

  3. BulletMeeting point Local Guide HQ in Fagurhólsmýri (the old N1 fuel station)

  4. BulletEquipment provided helmet (crampons and more glacier gear when needed)

  5. BulletDuration about 3 hours depending on where the cave is, how many participants and how the conditions are to get there. Sometimes we only need to walk few meters from the car, but sometimes 1 km.

  6. BulletRecommended gear camera with wide angle lens and tripod. Good boots or hiking shoes are essential. Sometimes we need to put on crampons, and sometimes the ground can be very muddy in or on the way to ice cave. Please bring warm clothing.

Ice Cave Photography Trips
in Vatnajökull National Park!

    In autumn each year we start looking for the ice caves for the winter. Normally we find caves in several different locations on the south side of Vatnajökull. Sometimes they are very special, sometimes not as special, but become very special in the right light and conditions. Some caves we find are very stable and we can go in there in any weather, but others are less safe and we might not even go there at all, even if they are very beautiful. Some caves are only accessible in below zero conditions for example if there is water in the floor that needs to be frozen over to walk into the cave.
    This trip is recommended only for serious photographers with good camera gear that want to make their own ice cave photos.
    The cave we choose from day to day depends on the time of year, time of day, weather and other conditions at the time. We always go to the most interesting cave available at each time. We normally go into one cave per trip, and we expect that serious photographers might need an hour to work on their pictures inside the cave.

    We recommend that you look at this trip advisor comment  because it is true. We only recommend the trip for people that are serious about photography and have the gear for it. We always go to the most beautiful cave possible each day but the reality is that conditions are not always optimal and some caves are not always possible due to conditions. A glacier hike on the glacier with our colleagues at for example is much more fun for people that are not serious photographers.

In the Café Latte Ice Cave of Vatnajökull 25th of March 2014.

Picture from Light Tunnel Ice Cave on 7th of November 2013.
Little bit of a climb up to it, but nice possibilities in this cave in dry and clear weather.

The cave is not possible in very warm and rainy weather.

All the days have been fully booked for the rest of this season for a while. However, sometimes there are cancellations and we put in available spaces on our booking page as soon as they come available. Price is 17.500 or 25.000 ISK per person, depending on which departure it is. We recommend you visit our page on October 1st to book the next season (mid November-mid March)
Departures every day except Sunday
(see booking page for availability)
Minimum age 8 years

In the Café Latte Ice Cave of Vatnajökull 13th of March 2014.
We can normally go to this cave even if it is very rainy.

Meeting point: Local Guide HQ in Fagurhólsmýri (the old N1 fuel station just north of the main road) 1/2 hour east of Skaftafell and 1/2 hour west Jökulsárlón in southeast Iceland.

GPS: N63° 52.865 W16° 38.780
(WGS84, Degree-Minutes.Minutes)

December 2013. We are right now in process of buying this house and plan in the future that this will be our booking center, but the house is still in quite bad shape (the shop has been closed for a decade, but there are couple of usable toilets there at least). We will have carpenters working on the house the next summer, so hopefully the house will start to look better soon.

The nicest picture Einar got last winter. Taken on 31st of December 2012

    The ice cave season is over this winter. Come back on 1st of October. Next season will be 10th of November until 21st of March.